To check that you can complete your return online please answer the following questions relating to the Tax Year you wish to do online:

1) Have you been self-employed, running a business, company, partnership, family trust or working as an independent contractor with an ABN ?

2) Have you or your partner* had any Employment Termination Payments (ETP)?
3) Did you or your partner* have any income from managed funds, property investments or trusts?
4) Have you or your partner* had property you rented out and received income from ?
5) Have you or your partner* sold any: houses, land or shares ?
6) Have you purchased any single item costing more that $1000 used for work related purposes ?
7) Have you or your partner* received any overseas source of income, made any superannuation contributions on behalf of your spouse, wish to claim tax offsets relating to your parents or relatives ?
8) Did you have any children who were in a shared care situation ?
9) Are you under 18 years old ?
10) Were you or your partner* resident outside of Australia for any part of the tax year ?
*(if applicable)