QTRAX Terms and Conditions of Use


“QTRAX” or “QTRAX App” means the software application provided by QTAX allowing users to capture financial and accounting information, documents and records for submission to QTax’s website and storage on Amazon S3.
“AWS” means Amazon Web Services;
“Amazon S3” is web services interface storage facility used for the storage and retrieval of data.
“Data” means your imaged or photographed source documents relating to your tax and Australian Tax Return and any other information you provide to QTAX within QTRAX and includes any information that is capable of being associated with you, whether or not it includes an explicit identifier such as your name or customer number.
QTRAX Data does not include any information or documentation that can no longer be associated with you including aggregated data that does and cannot identify you.
“You” means anyone who accesses and uses QTRAX.

Interpretation & Acknowledgement

By installing QTRAX you acknowledge that:-
(1) you have authorised QTAX to be your registered tax agent for the purpose of processing your Australian Tax Return;
(2) QTRAX uses Amazon S3 for the storage and retrieval of Data;
(3) the use of the services of AWS is solely for the convenience of transferring copies of Data to QTAX for evidentiary purposes used by QTAX in processing your Australian Tax Return in QTAX’s capacity as your registered tax agent;
(4) you are responsible for assessing the relevance and accuracy of the Data provided by you, and the content and calculations contained in QTRAX;
(5) you are responsible for keeping safe all original source documents to substantiate claims made in your Australian Tax Return pursuant to the strict rules of the Australian Tax Office and Australian Tax Law;
(6) Data stored to Amazon S3 will be routinely purged and removed from Amazon S3 and in any event retention of Data will not exceed a period of eighteen (18) months from the start of any tax year and may be less in certain circumstances and you must not rely on Amazon S3 as a form of backup or redundant storage for your documents;
(7) the use of QTRAX is not a substitute for formal advice from QTAX in evaluating your specific circumstance or in evaluating information about your personal circumstance obtained directly from the relevant authorities;
(8) Although QTAX makes every effort to protect your Data said Data will transit and/or be transmitted via the internet and as such may be susceptible to the risks inherent with the internet;
(9) Any personal information supplied by you will be used by QTAX in accordance with any Privacy Policy contained on QTAX’s website (http://www.q-tax.com.au).

Limitation of Liability

By using QTRAX, you agree to the extent permitted by law to indemnify QTAX and its directors, officers and employees against any claims arising out of your use of QTRAX including but not limited to:-
(1) the unavailability of QTRAX or difficulty or inability to download or access content or any other system failure which may result in QTRAX being unavailable;
(2) any responsibility for transit or storage of your Data with Amazon S3; and
(3) any direct or indirect loss whatsoever caused or arising from the use or reliance on the information, services or calculations provided by or created as a consequence of your use of QTRAX.


By installing QTRAX, you consent and agree to be bound by the following:-
(1) AWS terms of service (http://aws.amazon.com/terms/);
(2) QTRAX terms of use and also the terms and conditions and/ or Privacy Policy if any contained on QTAX’s website (http://www.q-tax.com.au)