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Partnerships Bookkeeping

As a member of a partnership you need to ensure that your partnership business records are in good order, this is more important than when you may have been a sole trader as there are more people involved in the arrangement. Most disagreements in partnerships will be about money and so a clear an impartial view of the financial situation of the partnership is very important. At QTAX we are experts is keeping your records in order. QTAX provide a full bookkeeping service from which we can make sure that your reporting obligations are met with the minimum of fuss. QTAX can take you bookkeeping records to do your BAS if required and then you end of year tax return. We are able to help you with your ABN application and also you GST registration to ensure that you are fully compliant as well as formalising your partnership arrangements to make them a legal partnership as view by the ATO. Remember, QTAX are here to help you as required, QTAX Making Tax Easy.