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Virtual Tax Return

- No need to visit an office
- Tax return prepared by a tax professional
- Maximise deductions
- Ease and convenience
- Electronic lodgement and direct deposit
- Safe and secure Lodgement
- Tax made easy

At QTAX we want to make preparing and lodging your tax return easy. However, in the past working with a tax professional meant you had to drive to the office and bring all your tax documents and wait for your appointment. QTAX Virtual allows you to avoid the yearly pilgrimage to our office with far less stress and anxiety. Instead of wasting your valuable time waiting in an office, Our virtual clients receive the same guarantee, assistance and customer service as if you were sitting in our office.
Virtual Tax Preparation allows you to still have your taxes completed by our tax consultant. Any tax documentation you need to send us can be easily uploaded securely without the need to leave your home or office. You can easily snap a picture of your tax documents and upload them securely to our tax consultant prior to your meeting. Some people may not need to upload anything, just provide your basic details and we can do the rest, as for many people the information required will already be with the ATO.
We take client sensitive data security very seriously. Our data submission forms are sent using industry standard SSL encryption so your information and documents are as secure as possible.
We use Google Meet. This technology bridges the gap with our clients. Video Conference meetings allow both us to see each other, just as if we were meeting in the same room.
The ATO accepts digital versions of paper documents therefore, keeping all your records in a digital format allows you to save space and reduce the chance that important financial documents can become illegible or destroyed over time. Tax documents stored in a hot attic for five years can become illegible, which can be a real issue if you were audited by the ATO. We will send you an estimate of your tax refund when your return is complete and your lodged return is available should you need it. You should retain documents relating to your tax return in electronic format which can be provided to the ATO if required. You will see our highly trained and experienced tax professionals to assist with all of your tax preparation needs. Whether you have a more complex Individual Tax Return to file, or Sole Trader, Partnership, Company and Super Funds we have all your filling needs covered. Leverage the expertise of our highly trained tax professionals to assist you with your tax needs directly from the comfort of your own home or office.
  1. Schedule a virtual appointment. We will send you an email confirming the appointment along with a data collection form for completion, this is where you can upload any documents required and provide any additional information that you may believe is applicable to your personal situation. Please complete this form before your scheduled appointment time.
  2. The meeting will be held via Google Meet. During the meeting, you can send us any additional documents via email as directed by your tax consultant. During your meeting we will request proof of identity (Picture ID and Medicare Card) these documents can be shown to your consultant on screen.
  3. Most tax returns are completed during your scheduled appointment time.
  4. Once you have approved your estimate we will, Take payment for preparation of your return and send your return for lodgment.
  5. A final copy of your tax estimate will be emailed to you for your records.