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Let the QTRAX app keep your records for you!

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Store Receipts And Tax Documents

The QTRAX app allows you to photograph your documents, add descriptions and amounts for each photograph including GST. The App will produce financial reports based on data entered across user configurable date ranges. If you don’t want to enter descriptions the App will leave the numbers as 0 and these items are categorised as “Unsure”, you can at a later date edit these if you wish.

Upload To QTAX For When You Do Your Return

QTRAX also provides the facility to automatically upload your document photos to QTax to assist when you come in or do your return on line with QTax. The Upload option can be disabled and enabled whenever you like in the app’s option screen where you can also control the photo mode and enable / disable login security. On the image preview screen you have the option to upload pictures one by one with the send button.


If you experience any problems or have any issues with our QTAX App please contact us via email on qtrax-support@q-tax.com.au and we will provide assistance. You can also call us on +61 13000-4-QTAX for assistance. Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Email us on qtrax-feedback@q-tax.com.au and we will consider these ideas for future versions.

Please Note

Uploading photos to Qtax is for your convenience only and should not be relied upon as a backup you should keep your original documents and backup your phone data as per Apple’s directions.

- Download iOS App