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How to lodge a late return

Deadlines to lodge tax returns currently stand at 31 October for individuals and 16 May for some people who use a registered Tax Agent to submit their return.. Most people need to lodge an income tax return every year, however some may have fallen behind because they were busy, overseas or too daunted by the process. Having outstanding tax returns that are overdue can lead to penalties from the ATO. Regardless of why you have lodged late or didn’t lodge in the first place, getting up to date can give you peace of mind.

What are the penalties for not lodging my tax return?
There may be a “failure to lodge on time” penalty. The standard penalty is $180 for every 28 day period or part there of that the return is outstanding. This happens until the penalty reaches a maximum of $900.

If you continue to fail to lodge, the ATO may issue a formal default assessment warning letter. This will contain an estimate of your income for the missing year which the ATO may then use to issue you with a default assessment. The figures estimated by the ATO will almost certainly be higher than your true position – for a start, they won’t include most deductions you’re entitled to. As a last resort, the ATO can even prosecute you for not lodging.
Will the ATO waive penalties?
Sometimes, the ATO will waive penalties. As a general rule of thumb, the ATO is more likely to apply a penalty if:

1. you have more then one return outstanding
2. you have a poor lodgement history
3. you are non-compliant with other tax matters

Can I still submit a late return?
The first step to lodging a late return is to visit QTAX Consultants. With your consent, QTAX can help by checking your lodgement status with the ATO. They can ascertain which years are outstanding and what exactly needs to be reported. QTAX will work with you to determine what your income was for the year in question. Sometimes, this is available straight from the ATO from employers and others who report this information each year.

How do I lodge a late return?
QTAX can help you with outstanding tax returns. (Book an Appointment ) (don't put it in brackets but make sure they can click on that and it will take them to find a office) and visiting your local QTAX office is the best way to get your taxes in order, quickly and without stress. If for some reason you might not have been required to lodge a return, QTAX can submit a non-lodgement advice form to the ATO so they know you’re up to date with everything.

Once you are up to date with your tax returns, QTAX can help you stay on top of your taxes.

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