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QTAX Online Tax Return

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Once you decide to do your tax online with us we validate that your return is the type that we are confident will give you the best results via online tax. Some tax returns are more complex than others. Simply answer a few questions to validate that your return can be done online to ensure we give you best result using QTAX online tax. If your circumstances do not fit the online tax profile we will give you other alternatives.
You then provide basic details, name, email address, daytime phone number, appoint us as your tax agent and either pay your $69 fee using a Visa or Mastercard or choose to have the fee deducted from your refund. We collect the details we need to complete your tax return using our simple and straight forward secure web forms by asking you a series of yes/no questions, requesting the information both relevant to your return and required by the Australian Tax Office.
When you have completed your information you send the data to us and we process the return. This involves putting your data into industry leading taxation software, maximising your refund, validating your data and preparing to electronically lodge your return on your behalf.
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